Applying intercultural business experience

A project to enter a new market typically consists of different phases, namely opportunity, strategy, contract, implementation and operation. All phases require appropriate decisions and actions to result in a successful project eventually. shubo offers a full range of services to cover all those phases while paying close attention to the relevant cultural aspects.

Awareness Creation

shubo offers face-to-face as well as group sessions to generate the cross cultural awareness within your organisation and makes the assigned personnel fit for the negotiations.

This service is to

  • provide background information of the country in question
  • explain distinctive cultural behaviour
  • discuss sample cases to demonstrate how cultural differences can impact business
  • share ways to avoid misunderstandings
  • suggest how to overcome critical situations

  • Go To Market Concept

    shubo offers to develop together with you a tailored Go to Market concept taking into consideration the culturally different market requirements, the local purchasing rules and expectations.

    This service is to

  • Determine the targeted positioning in the market
  • Assess the competitor landscape
  • Define the messages to the market
  • Determine the targeted customers
  • Estimate the business potential and set targets mapped to a time table
  • Identify the buying process
  • Decide the sales model (partners, distributors,..)
  • Perform a risk assessment and define contingency measures
  • Develop an implementation plan

  • Negotiation Consulting

    shubo offers coaching to assimilate your value proposition and negotiation strategy to the different cultural environment in order to achieve maximum positive results.

    During the preparation phase this service is to

  • align your value proposition to the target market and the selected business partner
  • redefine your USPs (Unique Selling Points) and differentiators against competitors
  • develop a relationship matrix, a communication and a time plan
  • define the negotiation strategy incl. expectation management and contingency plans
  • During the negotiation phase this service is to

  • determine the roles within the negotiation team
  • prepare the briefings and dry run
  • observe negotiation sessions and suggest instant adjustments of tactics where required
  • debrief and recommend strategy changes in between the negotiation sessions

  • Governance Consulting

    shubo offers coaching to implement a governance structure tailored to convert the contract into a durable and beneficial business for both business partners.

    This service is to

  • create awareness and understanding within your company for the specifics of the new cooperation
  • communicate the contract and the related agreements to all involved in the company
  • define and establish rules and regulations to manage the cooperation, e.g.
  • establish structured reporting and joint meetings
  • ensure quality and compliance
  • constitute contract change management
  • introduce innovation handling

  • review the effectiveness and refine the new governance structure within the first months

  • Interim Management

    shubo offers to manage your new business for an interim time period in order to get the new structure ramped up and the cooperation with the new business partner established.

    This service is to

  • manage in person the new business for a pre-defined time (either in German headquarters or at local entity)
  • establish an appropriate partner management
  • phase-in the person, who shall finally be in charge of the business
  • identification of the right person / team
  • brief the chosen candidate about the cross cultural business situation
  • introduce and explain the contract
  • jointly implement the governance structure
  • coaching in how to establish a trusted working relationship with the local business

  • hand over the responsibility after a "test period"

  • Mediation

    shubo offers to mediate disputes caused by cross cultural issues in order to secure the related business and rejuvenate the relationship.

    This service is to

  • objectively evaluate the situation and root courses such as
  • key "pain points" of the various parties involved
  • key persons involved and the roles they are taking in the cooperation
  • interpretation and "living" of the contract

  • conduct one-on-one meetings with key persons to collect issues and suggestions
  • participate at joint meetings to experience the cooperation style and detect issues
  • propose options for "ways forward", e.g.
  • creation of win-win situations
  • removal of obstacles
  • trust-building measures
  • restart of cooperation

  • moderate talks between the two parties to agree on the future way of cooperation