"Leaving one’s marks"

Working for many years in various functions in different countries and cultures leaves marks with the people met during this journey - business wise and with regards to mutual respect and appreciation. Below please find some references.

Professionals about shubo

"He is a very business and target oriented Manager. With his very deep technical understanding, Managerial Skills and Social Competence Wilfried is able drive organizations to high performance. As leader he sees himself as part of the team and due to his experience and seniority he was always accepted from his employees, colleagues, superior and clients..Due to his times in Asia (Malaysia, China, Singapore..) he has an excellent intercultural background which can help firms to establish themselves in the Asian Region. I appreciated working with Wilfried and would like to do that at any point of time again if there is an opportunity to do so."

Rolf Unterberger
Managing Director/ Executive Partner
Accenture GmbH

"Wilfried is a very business and target-focused manager with extensive experience in international business. I have worked with him while he was in charge for telecom broadband business for Siemens in APAC and while his 3 year stay in Beijing where he managed all marketing and technical support activities towards the large Chinese carriers for the fixed network business of Siemens in China. He has ample seniority in management, will put himself in the middle of the business, and has a broad international experience. Extremely good to work with people, very structured and target-oriented."

Norbert Muhrer
Cinterion Wireless Modules GmbH

"Wilfried has the unique leadership capability of being able to identify people with the right aptitude and attitude and entrusting them with the responsible roles. He has worked in Asia for significant time and has distinct advantage of blending Europe and Asia styles and business cultures. It was under his leadership we were able to manage, stabilize a very large and complex outsourcing project in spite many difficulties in record time. I had the pleasure to work (during Siemens days) for Wilfried and learnt a lot from him. I would like to work with him in future if there is an opportunity to do so."

Vivek Kulkarni
Head of Sales (Services)
Major Accounts SAP South East Asia

"I had the privilege of working with Wilfried during a very large global outsourcing deal from India. New in the organization, it was difficult for the team to understand the involved complexities. He made the learning process extremely easy through his superb understanding of the deal, the customer and involved business challenges. His understanding of Asian culture and its nuances came very handy. The prudent approach adopted by him was so effective that we successfully overachieved all the KPIs and revenue targets very soon. It not only gave boost to the entire team and their morale but ensured there is no looking back and the performance bettered each day. He is a very approachable senior executive and knows each and every team member in various international locations. The balance and calm in his personality makes him a very dear superior. Once having worked with him, one always desires to have him around to look up to and seek guidance."

Rajiv Sulekh
Country Head
Siemens AG Austria CMT India

"Wilfried has worked in the same company as me at that time. He was P&L responsible for the product line. He is very experienced and target oriented and very familiar with the telecom market. During his working period in the company, he managed up and downs in a very professional way. I was very glad to have such a colleague working together! As head of the business management team, he also taking care of his fellows, train them, foster them to be innovative and responsible for the business growth."

Tiefeng Liu
Siemens Communication Networks, Ltd, PR China

"Wilfried and I were part of the management team in NSN. He is an absolute delight to have with you. He brought in a lot of knowledge in the Broadband Access area and had vastly travelled across the APAC region and thought through strategies very well. He has the important asset of being able to smile and stay cool through difficult situations which, at many times, really diffused situations. He is an asset and I endorse him strongly."

Abhay Kumar
Vice President - Global Strategic Sourcing

"Wilfried was a dear colleague of mine in the APAC Management team of NSN at that time. It was a pleasure working with him. He is always customer focused and translates his extensive industry background and intimate knowledge about Asia into focused actions."

Michael Kuehner
Managing Director & CEO
Robi Axiata LTD, Bangladesh

"I had the pleasure to work with Wilfried during his assignment in Malaysia as well as during subsequent roles in Asia. Wilfried is a very business focused executive who has a broad business knowledge, can work very well with local and international teams and provide the leadership to grow the business at the innovative edge of technologies. He has a very analytical mind, can convince with facts and works very well with customers of all levels. It I can highly recommend Wilfried and wish him much success in his future endeavors."

Dieter Klein
Chief Executive Officer
P21 GmbH