Corporate Profile

Facilitate successful business through leveraging intercultural experience

Setting up profitable and sustainable business in Asia requires a thorough understanding of the particular ways business is done there. Finding the right business partners, managing expectations and establishing close relationships is essential. Based on extensive experience in doing business in Asia and a comprehensive understanding of business attitude and practices in APAC and Europe, shubo prepares and guides you during the planning and implementation phases with its services.

shubo is specialized in the countries China, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Our vision

Cross cultural business benefiting people.

Our mission

We facilitate the fastest and most efficient establishment of your business in Asia.

The CAMPS concept

CAMPS is based on the insights gained in 20 years of working and living in Asia. It builds the framework for the services offered by shubo.
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Your benefit

Trusting in shubo shortens the set-up time of your new business, reduces the total cost and minimizes the risk of failure.
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